The Walking Dead

I'm going hell for leather Eldar at the moment, a momentum carried by the new Codex released a few months back now. The aim is to finally after 4 years finish a project, in this case my 1500pts WYSIWYG Eldar army.

Today i bring you the next unit in that army list and one I have been looking forward to painting for a while, The Eldar Wraithlord. 

The Eldars answer to a dreadnaught is the single largest model I've painted. Finally after 4 years I've stopped painting just infantry and got stuck into the real meat of the hobby.

Some WIP shots will follow in a later post detailing just how I got that red amour, the alien weapons and that white helm.

For now however, just enjoy the finished article.

See you next time.

When A Unit Becomes Redundant.

This is it, the last of my backlog units to be presented on the Blog and, as it happens the first of my Eldar army to be painted. Below are my ten man strong Eldar Dire Avengers.

Unfortunately this unit has been dropped in my revised 6th edition army list in favor of two units of five Jet bikes. They have also had a box rejig by GW and instead of coming as a box of ten they are now sold as a box of five. (booo hissss).

One thing that I think of when looking at these is the poor edge highlight I did on them and the fact the Armour needs to stand out more. Something I corrected with future Eldar kits I painted. But I don't like going back to finished models so these have stayed as is.

They have also taken a serious knock at some point, I think a CD was dropped on them and a few of them show signs of damage. Incentive then to get some new out of the way shelving for the ever-growing collection.

See you next time.

An Army Of Poets

Space Elves. Because lets face it that's what they are. The bulk of the fighting force, the guardians are mere civilians, poets, artists, everyday beings given a gun and sent to the farthest reaches of space to fight all manors of well anything.

Below are my two ten man units of Eldar Guardians. The staple troops choice for the army. Both with mobile floating heavy weapons platforms.

One thing to note with these are that the first ten were painted with the old range of GW paints and the second with the much improved new range, thankfully the colour match is pretty much perfect.

See you next time.

The Howling Scream Of Death.

The Eldar are a colorful bunch, and the ladies of the species are no different.

Today I bring to the party the Five strong Eldar howling Banshees. A fantastic group of models that have a great look to them and were fantastic fun to paint. It's a shame however that on the table top they are somewhat hard to use and often get superseded by other units that are much easier to get the best from.

I took two days off work earlier in the year to paint these models, I needed a couple of days out of the office and having a nice relaxed day sat in the flat, music on, painting away is a good use of annual leave every once in a while. Also productive as these were finished and based by 5pm on day two. Nice productive use of time I feel.

Finally, as I noted with the Fire Dragons I posted last week you can see the red shoulder pad indicating the Siam Hann Craftworld they fight for. That is if they make it into the army list (which under 6th edition they don't, unfortunately).

See you next time.

The Ring Of Fire

Burns Burns Burns. The Ring of Fire.
I think of that song every time I look at these guys. 

Following a successful outing last night for my new Eldar army against the Blood Angles I thought I should bring you some models, So first up are my five man Eldar Fire Dragons squad.

These are the original pewter casts picked up second hand from the York wargaming society's event at York Race Course in February.

These guys were surprisingly quick to paint, once the armor was done the rest came together with relative ease. Also note the shoulder pads are painted Sian Hann red to denote the army they represent. A theme I am applying to all aspect warriors in the army.

This unit almost never fail's to have an impact in battle, Five melta's at short range are going to bring down almost any tank. A great unit to play on the battlefield.

See you next time.

Is That a Feather In Your Hat.

Riding to war on horse back. It's been done by every Army in human history I'm sure. Dependable, reliable and loyal. Not forgetting pretty brutal as well.

The High Elves are attuned to nature as the lore would suggest, ancient being's who know the worth of the creatures that also inhabit the Warhammer World. A theme I hope to bring to my army as the bigger units & creatures are added to the collection.

Today I bring to the party my High Elves Lord on Elven Stead. Painted a few years ago around the same time my Spearmen and Archers were done, this was the first non-infantry model I painted. Which put me off a little so I went back to infantry for a while. 

See you next time.

Is That Sword The Master Of You?

Another quick post today to show you the next unit from the Island of Blood Box Set, The High Elves Sword Masters of Heoth.

This is another sap-together kit but unlike the detail loss found with the Lothern Sea Guard, The sword Masters are superb models and the sculpt lends it's self well to the manufacturing process. 

I had a lot of fun painting this unit and I think it shows, These are a great example of how I am painting now, and the level I hope to achieve on every model I paint going forward.

Time wise this unit took ages and a good number of hours were pumped into them. The High Elves are a troublesome army to paint with lots of prime colors across the model. I agree this is half of the appeal to collecting such an army but when the same 10 man unit has sat on the painting table for two months the idea of learning to paint faster pop's into the mind on occasion.

Please ignore the shadow in this picture created by the dog resting on the back of the sofa looking out the window. It is her favorite place to sit.

See you next time.

The Glittering Host

From the island of blood they march forth.

Today is a quick post to show off my Lothern Sea Guard for the High Elves. These models have come from the Island Of Blood box set, a push together set of ten models. 

I'm not a fan of push together. Some detail is always lost, in the case of these it was around the top, sides and back of the shields. Shame really as they are lovely models aside from that.

These are a more recent painting project and were only finished a couple of months ago. The High Elves are coming together nicely now and I will bring you more over the next few days.

See you soon.

Beer Drinking Long Beards

The humble Dwarf. It's my favorite fantasy race. Not just in a Warhammer but in all Fantasy settings. Games Workshop however do portray these half height guys in exactly the right way. Short, Stumpy, long bearded beer drinkers. Seriously, what's not to love.

Dwarf's were a must when I started in the hobby, unfortunately the models and the Army book are a little outdated and because of that i'm eagerly waiting for the new book and the much needed new plastic kits.

I have not collected many Dwarf models. In fact the unit below is my one and only unit. Hardly a battle hardened force, More a bunch of guys sat in the pub waiting for the rest to arrive.

The rest will arrive in time and I hope to bring you these in all the detail they deserve. But for now, they are sitting back & waiting for their time on the battlefield.

See you next time.

That Disappointing Model


The UK is experiencing a little bit of a heat wave this past couple of weeks and my painting has taken a serious hit, in fact most of my hobbies and interests have simply because most of them involve being indoors (this is a wise choice in the north of England, hot sunny days are few and far between). But as a result I have hardly picked up a paint brush and when I have ten minutes later I'm putting it back down. Sitting at a cramped desk with a hot lamp trying to concentrate on fine detail is not the best idea I've had these past weeks, as a result more often then not I'm down the pub in the beer garden instead.

So those Slow progress models are still causing a backlog on the painting station. One day, I keep saying to myself, one day they will be done.

In the meantime I wanted to follow on from That Favorite Model and bring you the opposite. That disappointing model. That model you know if you re-did it now you could do so much better, in fact you know at the time you could have done better. It's the model that didn't work, you rushed or any other of the hundreds of reasons you can think of why this was a below par effort.

Today I bring you mine. The Commissar of my Imperial Guard Army, Even though it was painted a few years back it's still in my eye's badly painted even for those standards.

See you next time.